Reality starts to sink in…..

So after 20+ years in financial services I finally realised what it was that made me happy (aside from Mr W), and it wasn’t my current job or location. So I took the plunge and last week I moved to Cumbria to begin a new career in interior design. More on the build up to this later… Mr W helped me move but this morning he had to return to London so today was really the first day in my new life. And its been a busy one. Today I learned the real difference between a physical versus an online auction experience, which is back ache. Ironically it will take up less of my time selling my old furniture through MItchells auctioneers in Cockermouth that it would if I used eBay, but I’ll let you know on Thursday if it made financial sense. In the meantime I can say that you don’t get back ache using eBay and I may need to factor that in next time. I also learned today that all my years honing my negotiation and influencing skills means nothing when it comes to trying to get chickens back in their hen house. Even trying to bribe them with bread didnt work. So after chasing them around the outside of the hen house more times than I am prepared to admit I finally figured out a blockade was needed. Problem solved. But the most important lesson I learned today is that I need to figure out how I would like to spend my evenings to avoid becoming a workaholic recluse. This might sound crazy but I have come from a life where I was travelling overseas half the time, and when I was home I was either working late or catching up with friends over drinks or dinner. I don’t think I have ever seen the 6 o’clock news. So this evening after an initial ‘OMG what have I done’ moment of panic I used my free time to create this blog. Tomorrow I think I will investigate swimming pools, yoga classes and book clubs. That is of course if I have any energy left as tomorrow I have to treat the staircases and newly stripped bedroom floorboards with oil and I am not used to hard labour. For any other IDF’s (interior design fanatics) I’m using Osmo Polyx Oil and can highly recommend it. It brings out the natural grain on old and new wood, the clear satin matt product creates a beautiful natural finish and it is really easy to work with. But wear gloves if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing your hands afterwards. Photos to follow. And August was supposed to be my ‘gardening leave’ before work on the new career begins….