A sad day at Holly Cottage

Agata the escapologist chicken

Agata is MIA and presumed dead. She didn’t come home last night or this morning for breakfast, and a thorough search of the surrounding fields, gardens and sheds has not provided any clues to her whereabouts so we can only assume the worst. Death by fox.

I will miss her escapades and her jauntiness. She was the only one of my girls that could fly out of the coop. She wasn’t deterred when I built a fence to stop her accessing my neighbours garden and eating the bird food, she just walked down the lane and through her front gate. She had also mastered my neighbours cat flap and developed a taste for whiskas, but she always left a thank you note (albeit an unwelcome one…).

But most of all I will miss her double yolkers. Must have been all that bird and cat food…… Double yolker


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