About me

I am an interior design fanatic that gave up city life and a successful career to live in the countryside and follow my passion. I live in beautiful Cumbria in an old Georgian cottage I bought with Mr W in 2010 when we needed somewhere to escape London. In 2013 it became harder and harder to leave what had become to feel like home so in August 2014 I took the plunge and moved to Cumbria permanently. After a period of blissful solitude living alone Mr W joined me so Holly Cottage is home to me, him and our American Bulldog Lexi. We also have a dozen chickens but they live in Cluckingham Palace next door…. I now have my own interior design practice, Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd. Please visit my website if you would like to see my work and the services I offer.


I originally set up this blog under the title ‘life in the slow lane’ to record my journey so that I could look back and remember how much things changed and how much I learned. I continue to write it because my readers tell me they enjoy it, particularly the stories about my personal life, which is why I occasionally slip these in. The new title reminds me that we never stop learning.

A little bit of me also hopes that my blog will inspire others to follow their own passion. Remember an expert in anything was once a beginner. 

Amelia Wilson and Lexi the American Bulldog
Me and Lexi