Buying a sofa?

I like coffee, chocolate and red wine. I have 2 step-children who are now in their 30’s but were once small and mucky. I did have a cat, but now I have 2 dogs. And for all of those reasons I have always bought leather sofas, and avoided anything with deep buttons….. I like leather, especially when its aged and a bit creased, but I’d rather have fabric as its warmer, you don’t stick to it in summer, and the cushions don’t slide off it. But I like to lie on the sofa with my dogs drinking red wine and eating chocolate, and I don’t see the point in buying a fabric sofa and then covering it entirely with throws to keep it clean. So leather it has always been. But since becoming an interior designer I have discovered Aquaclean…

Buying a sofa aquaclean fabric
The ‘Holly’ sofa by The Lounge Co £799


Aquaclean® technology is a fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using just water. My O level chemistry doesn’t stretch to the science behind it, but basically the treatment covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric. Honestly it’s amazing. I’ve added this link to the Aquaclean website where they have movies showing you how to remove ink, crayon, marker pen, chocolate, ice cream, soy sauce, ketchup, red wine, coffee, tea, hummus, guacamole, pizza butter, vinegar, oil, body lotion, mud, urine, blood and dog poo. Don’t worry they don’t show you the dog doing its business.

Buying a sofa aquaclean fabric

I first heard about Aquaclean when one of my customers said she had been in a shop that sold a range of sofas upholstered in Aquaclean fabric and she was gobsmacked when she watched the salesperson scribble on one of their  sofas with a biro and then clean it off. I’ve recently ordered a few fabric samples so I can show another one of my customers just how good it is, but if you want more evidence look on forums like and you’ll find others that have tested it for themselves.

Where to buy your Aquaclean sofa?

So where can you buy these wondrous magical sofas?

Buying a sofa aquaclean fabric
The ‘Florence’ sofa by The Lounge Co £1479

The Lounge Co

Often when you are looking for a specific finish or feature the choice is limited. But the great news is there are now lots of sofas available to buy that are upholstered in Aquaclean fabrics. The Lounge Co offers 16 different sofa styles in 20+ Aquaclean fabrics, and with prices starting at £799 they are within most peoples budget.

They have Scandi and Retro styles like the Holly and the Florence shown above. The Rose shown below is ideal if you like a modern country look.

Buying a sofa Aquaclean fabric
The ‘Rose’ sofa by The Lounge Co £1249

And for something more classical there is the Georgia.

Buying a sofa Aquaclean fabric
The ‘Georgia’ sofa by The Lounge Co £1179

If you’re local to me then our nearest stores are Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds.

John Lewis

John Lewis offers 6 sofa styles, which includes a chaise sofa, a corner chaise and a sofa bed, plus a matching armchair and snuggler in 20+ Aquaclean fabrics.

Buying a sofa Aquaclean fabric
House by Arlo small 2-seater sofa £599 at John Lewis

The sofa bed with storage isn’t cheap at £2499 but it’s a decent size with the mattress being 142cm wide which is a little more than some standard double beds.

Buying a sofa Aquaclean fabric
Barbican chaise sofa bed with storage

Barbican chaise sofa with storage upholstered in Aquaclean fabric

Shop Local – Country Pine & Oak, Cockermouth

If I can then I try and shop local, and Country Pine & Oak offer a choice of 8 sofas upholstered in Aquaclean fabrics from Ashwood Designs

Corner sofa in Aquaclean fabric
The Olsson sectional sofa by Ashwood Designs

If you ask nicely I’m sure the team will give you a live demonstration. You probably shouldn’t take your dog though….

Aquaclean fabric sofa
The Morton sofa available at Country Pine & Oak in Cockermouth

Love your existing sofa?

Now if you have a treasured sofa or chair that you would like to keep but has seen better days, then here’s some more fab news. You can also buy the Aquaclean fabric by the metre and have it upholstered. Click here for a list of suppliers, and if you’re looking for an upholsterer in Cumbria I would highly recommend Stephen Ball Upholstery based near Penrith.

Contemporary sofa Aquaclean fabric
The Mallory sofa by The Lounge Co

So its going to be a few years until I’ll be able to persuade Mr W to replace our sofa but I have my eye on the Mallory for when the time comes, I just need to decide which of these 3 colours…..

Aquaclean fabric


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