Future Proofing In Interior Design – Part II

Are you ready for some more before and afters? Part I of this house tour was all about the kitchen transformation, (if you missed it you can catch up here). Next up is the bathroom, and like the kitchen some of what we did was future proofing, i.e. getting it ‘old age ready’. But some of it was just about introducing the practical stuff old bathrooms never have, like decent lighting, storage, etc.

Part II – The Bathroom Transformation

Every bathroom I replace is old and dated and this was no exception.

Before and afters bathroom design

One thing it did have going for it though was lots of natural light. But unfortunately the homeowners had to keep the blind shut when using the bath or shower to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure… Such a shame as they have a beautiful view of the fells from that window.

Before and afters bathroom transformation interior design

Storage was an issue with much of the cupboard space around their sink being taken up by the boiler.

Before and afters bathroom design Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd Cumbria

There was also lots of pipe boxing, which if you’ve read any of my previous posts on bathroom design you will know is pretty high on my list of things I hate.

Before and afters Interior designer Cumbria

Definitely ready for an upgrade don’t you think?

The Plan

If you saw their new kitchen you’ll know that these customers like a bit of colour. So there was no way this was going to be a white or monochrome bathroom. But they also wanted it to be a relaxing space so it couldn’t be too bright or bold. They love the outdoors so I wanted to do something very natural looking and plumped for soft green after finding these pale aqua shower panels in the Reflect range by Multipanel.

Future proofing. Aqua reflect shower panel by Multipanel

We were going to need a vanity unit and the panels were a great match for this furniture range by Ellis.

Future proofing. Ellis Hepworth bathroom furniture

With walls in Elk Antler by Valspar it would be light but not stark.

Before and afters. Elk Antler Valspar

After I’d figured out the colour scheme I spent quite a bit of time on the layout, and after showing the homeowners the options we agreed to take out the bath and move the boiler to make room for a large shower. So are you ready to take a look?

Final Reveal

The new bathroom is even lighter than before as we replaced the window with one with a single pane. The homeowners took it in turns to stand outside and check whether you could see them in the shower, and unless the running club takes a break at the bottom of the street they can keep the new roller blind open…..

Before and afters. Bathroom transformation. Interior design Cumbria

We built a new cupboard for the boiler with loads of extra space for towels and toiletries.

Before and afters. Bathroom design Cumbria

With the boiler out of the way we could install a large walk in shower clad in that beautiful green glass effect panelling.

Before and afters. Walk in shower. Glass shower panels. Bathroom design Cockermouth

They had wanted a bidet but it would have meant a smaller cupboard so we agreed on a douche they could use with the toilet to save space. The back to wall toilet and custom built cistern housing mean no nooks and crannies to try and clean – another nice bit of future proofing.

Before and afters. Handheld bidet douche. Bathroom design Workington

The new vanity unit provides storage and counter space that was lacking with the old basin unit. The homeowners like to recycle whenever they can so we re-used their old bathroom mirror, and added a wall light on its own circuit for a night light.

Before and afters. Green vanity unit. White dual fuel towel radiator.

The customer really didn’t want floor tiles, and didn’t like any of the stone or wood effect vinyls. After some hunting around I managed to find a sheet vinyl in shades of pale green that works well with the panelling.

Before and afters. Green vinyl flooring.

I shouldn’t tell you this but my favourite thing in this room was nothing to do with me.  Check out the flying ducks either side of their huge new dual fuel towel radiator.

So that’s it for now but I’ll have more before and afters for you next week when we finish this house tour in the bedroom.

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