Future Proofing in Interior Design – Part III

Interior design is not the cushion scattering, accessorising, walk around IKEA I’m sure some people think it is. There are definite highs and lows. Lows being the early Monday morning site visits, dealing with difficult suppliers when you need to return faulty goods, and tracking down trades that have gone AWOL. Seriously sometimes I feel like the worlds biggest nag when I have to ask for the millionth time that week, “When will you be there? And what time roughly?” But the highs definitely make up for it, and my favourite high has to be when I get to show people before and afters of my projects. So are you ready for part III of this Victorian terrace renovation project?

The Bedroom Transformation

This bedroom was seriously lacking decent storage. The homeowners needed twice as much space for their clothes and shoes.

Before and afters interior designer Workington Cockermouth Keswick Cumbria

It was also looking a bit sad and tired as it had been neglected for quite a few years, although the lady of the house did like her burnt orange curtains though so they were staying.

Before and afters interior designer Workington Cockermouth Keswick Cumbria

And also the cushions on the bed as apparently they are the comfiest reading in bed cushions ever. But everything else pretty much could go.

Before and afters interior designer Workington Cockermouth Keswick Cumbria

I always work on layout before I start thinking about wall colours etc. and the minute I walked in the room I could see that it would make more sense to turn the bedroom around.  Building fitted wardrobes in front of the shallow chimney breast would give us over 4m of floor to ceiling storage space, which could include more than enough hanging space, drawers, shelves and shoe racks for two people. Unless one of them is Immelda Marcos of course. I quizzed the homeowners about the amount and type of clothes they had so I could figure out how many hanging rails, drawers and shelves they would need. Then I made them have a clear out and update their answer. Then I called Kev….

Curwen Joinery

Kev and his trusty sidekick Dean are Curwen Joinery and my go to joiners. He has worked on almost every project I have done. He’s working on three projects for me right now, one of which is Solo Beauty in Workington.

Solo Beauty Workington interior design by Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd
Storage and counter at Solo Beauty built by Curwen Joinery

And he’s built lots of bespoke storage for me, including my own bedroom wardrobes.

Custom built oak wardrobes by Curwen Joinery for Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd
Solid oak fitted wardrobes built by Curwen Joinery

And these reproduction Georgian wardrobes specially designed to incorporate bookshelves.

Reproduction Georgian wardrobes and bookcases built by Curwen Joinery
Reproduction Georgian wardrobes and bookcases built by Curwen Joinery

People often think it is cheaper to buy fitted wardrobes from a bedroom furniture company than getting a joiner in. The reality is unless the supplier is IKEA it’s unlikely to be the case. And the beauty of getting a joiner to build bedroom storage for you is you can have exactly what you want. If your budget is limited you can still buy some of the components like the doors off the shelf, but customise the interior and add sections to make best use of your space.

So are you ready to see what it looks like now?

Final Reveal

Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue in bedroom designed by Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd

You don’t always know instantly what colour a room should be, but when I saw the customers orange curtains I knew they would look amazing contrasted with Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue. It also made choosing the wardrobe colour easy as it contrasts beautifully with the wood and meant we could keep the bedroom door its original colour.

Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue

We bought the sliding doors from Howdens and Kev made all the internals which includes hanging space, internal drawers and shelves and pull out shoe racks.

Custom built wardrobes in bedroom designed by Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd

I really should have photographed the interior. I can’t believe I forgot to. How can I call myself an interior designer and forget the bloody interior. So you’re just going to have to trust me, it’s look great and they have all the space they need.

Fitted wardrobes designed by Amelia Wilson interior designer Cumbria

The bed looks much better on the other side of the room instead of in front of and overlapping the chimney breast.

Farrow & Ball oval room blue

And now they can have proper bedside tables instead of chests of drawers.

Antique furniture in bedroom designed by Amelia Wilson Interiors Ltd

The customers artwork also looks so much better on a darker wall colour. This room was just meant to be this colour.

Amelia Wilson interior designer Workington Cockermouth Keswick Cumbria

I won’t lie I’m generally not a fan of short curtains, I prefer full length or blinds. But I can see why she wanted to keep them, as they’re such a lovely colour.

So hope you enjoyed the bedroom tour. If you missed parts I and II you can catch up here and here

And if you want to see more of Kev’s work you can click here

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