Going For Gold in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Don’t worry this isn’t a post about the 80’s TV game show Going For Gold. And apologies if you now can’t get the irritatingly catchy theme tune out of your head. No this post is about why you seriously need to consider gold fittings in your new kitchen or bathroom 
I know I know you probably feel like you’ve only just got rid of all your old Victorian brass plug sockets and light switches. And some of you might even have made the move from polished chrome to satin chrome or nickel by now. And if you were seduced by the copper trend it might be too early for yet another hardware change. But I promise you this is worth taking a look at. I’ll even stick my neck out and say it’s going to be a keeper not a fad. So shall we start in the kitchen?

Giving your kitchen the Midas touch

Gold handles undoubtedly work best with dark furniture. Don’t worry that your appliances might still be stainless steel. Unless your last name is Versace a gold oven or hob would be a step too far. The gold touches should be accessories not the kitchen.

Navi kitchen with gold kitchen mixer tap and gold door handles

Timeless classical style kitchen – image from Houzz

Gold taps stand out whether your worktops are dark or light.

Mid-century style kitchen with gold kitchen tap gold pendant lights and gold bar stools

Midcentury style kitchen – image from Houzz

And gold works equally well with traditional and contemporary style kitchens. I particularly like to see it used with grey gloss kitchens.

Contemporary grey gloss kitchen with marble worktop and gold taps and gold handles

Contemporary style kitchen – image from Houzz

But you don’t need a bold colour to make gold work it can add warmth to an all white kitchen.

Traditional style white kitchen with gold taps and gold handles and gold island lights

Traditional white kitchen – image from Houzz

And you don’t need a traditional style kitchen either as gold even works with simple Scandinavian styles.Scandinavian style kitchen with gold mixer tap and gold kitchen lights

Scandinavian style kitchen – image from Houzz

So if I’ve convinced you the good news is gold handles are everywhere, although the trick is to search for polished brass rather than gold. More Handles in Carlisle have a great selection and you can order online.

Contemporary gold kitchen taps are not so plentiful (ironically like gold dust….), unless you have a few bucks. But don’t worry if you don’t as IKEA has one for just £90.

Gold kitchen mixer tap from IKEA


I also found these three on eBay for under £100.

Contemporary gold polished brass kitchen mixer taps

Now I could write a whole post about gorgeous gold lighting. In fact I will (when I get chance) so subscribe if you don’t want to miss it…..

Working Gold Into Your Bathroom

The same principles in terms of style and colour apply in bathrooms.

Traditional bathroom with large walk in gold shower

Traditional bathroom – image from Houzz

Traditional or contemporary, light or bold colours, gold works across the board.Traditional grey bathroom with gold taps gold lights gold mirrors

Classic style bathroom – image from Houzz

There are so many more fabulous opportunities to accessorise in a bathroom too – lighting, mirrors, towel rails etc.

Contemporary bathroom with gold accessories and taps

Contemporary bathroom with gold accessories

The choice of contemporary gold bathroom taps is still a little limited but I recently used the Mode Spencer champagne gold range from Victoria Plum. in Solo Beauty in Workington (full before and afters soon).

Champagne gold wall mounted contemporary basin tap from Victoria Plum

Tap from the Mode Spencer range from Victoria Plum

The range includes basin and bath taps, showers and accessories.

Contemporary gold shower from Mode Spencer range at Victoria Plum

Shower from the Mode Spencer range at Victoria Plum

I also added this little bit of bling in their customer bathroom….

Gold electric shower from Victorian Plumbing

MX Inspiration gold electric shower from Victorian Plumbing

Retailers still need to catch up and start producing affordable gold shower enclosures, but if you can have a walk in then you can get a gold stabilising bracket from Kudos.

So what do you think, have I convinced you to at least consider gold? Or are you now sold on gold so to speak…

Black bathroom with gold bathroom fittingsBold gold and black cloakroom – image from Houzz

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  1. More Handles is in Carlisle? Omigod I paid a huge delivery charge for one Turnstyle handle last year sourced through a local shop. Now I need more, I will have to pay a visit.
    On the subject, I have hideous memories of 1980s polished / varnished brass everywhere – and it still lingers in many homes. Loved @swoonworthyblog’ s gold sink in her last house though.

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